Sunday, 31 January 2010

January End

Played in the WBCOOP ME today and was settling nicely with the confidence of yesterday's performance. The game yesterday gave me some encouragement that I am learning the game and improving. A few months back I do not think that I would have been able to go are far as I did. I finished a lowly 1318 out of 2062. There was a fish on my right that was playing 88/10 over 50 hands and had a 14K stack when the average was still 3K. I decided to try and isolate him most hands or limp behind in multi way pots, wining a large percentage of my chips against him. In the end the fish busted me drawing slim on the river! Oh well gg.

In terms of monthly summary, I did not get any more games in since a previous post but see the graph below:

Although I put in 500+ games, my intention is to play more if possible but since it's Feb and there are less days in the month it will be a tough task. Aim high and you may just reach it! Watch this space.

Personal goals wise, I did go to the gym twice a week but not the 3/4 as planned and so will try to improve on that. Really starting too see the change by going to the gym regularly als starting to feel less tired during the day as my body gets used to the early mornings and late nights.

Good luck at the tables!

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