Thursday, 14 January 2010


I mentioned about my coaching in an earlier blog and to say that it's the best decision ever is an understatement. The bonus of the system I am in is that I have a head coach and an assistant coach. I work mainly with the assistant coach as he works with me on a day to day basis but still get advice from the head coach and review sessions with him individually or as a group of students.

To cut the rambling short, head coach sent out an email a few days ago stating the objective is to be robot like. He said that I should play emotionless whether I got a bad beat, put one on someone else or just ran good. Also to minimize all distractions and movement of the body. So taking that into account the last two sessions I have failed in the motionless aspect as I cannot sit in a chair for hours without moving... it is just impossible I tell ya. However, I have had my emotions in check the last two sessions so much so my girlfriend has not heard me once in the last two days. I unfortunately managed to see someone suckout on me AK vs. my KK and an A on the river for $40k with 20 people left which made me say something. Other than that I have tried my utmost to react to nothing that happens and stay focused.

I ran pretty well yesterday and managed to take one table down after finishing 9th, 4th and 3rd of which the last two were in the $6 KO rather than the $3. The one where I was 4th had 4 regs so it was a shove fest and whoever ran good was going to win. I think everyone had a short stack or the chip lead at some point... it was crazy to see and be part of it. Today's action was a grind and did not run as well, only making 2 FT finishing a poorly 5th and 9th although I am happy with how I played. It was brutal to finish two games in 11th and 10th but it is always my aim to have a bigger then average stack at the FT. So if that means me pushing (if it's the correct play) then I will do it bubble or no bubble... it's the way I roll... also the fact Head coach will KILL ME if I didn't!!

Today is Friday and I am going to play a long session. I prefer the longer sessions then the short ones I have on the weekdays, makes me feel like I am a poker grinder to a small extent. So all the little fishes that read this... please pay the $3/6 KO tourneys and hand me over your money.

I suppose a quick summary of the month since I am halfway through:
Games played: 312
ROI (excluding KO bonus): 9.11% (definitely below expectation)

Good luck at the tables!

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