Monday, 31 May 2010

May Results

It's that time again where my results are reported upon and providing you with my analysis. Let's get too it...

The Graph:

The Breakdown:
$6 KO - 155 games
$12 KO - 337 games
$24 KO - 185 games
$48 KO - 2 games
$24 (45) - 50 games

The Analysis:
I played the most amount of games for me then any previous month which was a major achievement. Also, managed to win a 45 man for the first time and hopefully one of many to come. The month could have gone better if I just ran a little better in the 12's where I lost approximately 120 buyins. Having looked at HH's there was not much wrong in how I played them and it certainly was not different to the way I approached the 6's and 24's where I made all the profit for the month.

The Conclusion:
I intend on playing a whole load more in June and hope to have played at least 1000 games if not more within the first two weeks.

The next post will be from a different country and in the presence of the Gordon Ramsey of Poker himself!! I am more excited the a 16 year old girl at her sweet 16 birthday party to see the Rainman, Mr Hill and The Swedish boy Genius Bodeye. I just hope the 11-12 hour flight does not kill me first!

Good luck at the tables!

Saturday, 29 May 2010

45 Man Victory

Today I managed to WIN.. that is correct I won a $26 45 man. I have had a number of close calls but after 50 attempts the poker gods accepted that my efforts were to be rewarded.

Once we got HU, after only a few hands I felt that I was going to win. I also realized my great HU game (I am being sarcastic) was no match for his. It was easy enough to grind him down and then the following happened:

I mis-clicked by hitting the call button rather then shoving all in. Flop comes JJ6ss, he checks, I bet, he shoves (if he has a J then gg), I snap call, I see a naked flush draw and I close my eyes. When I open my eyes the following was being displayed:

Last night, I managed to win a $26 ticket using only 50 FTP points. I entered the early 19K guaranteed and was playing well. Was building a nice stack when I ran a set of 7's against a set of 8's. From there on it was survival mode and looking for shove spots. The final hand was me UTG shoving 11BB with KK, table chipleader snap calls from the BB with 88. It was game over when an 8 hit the river but managed to win $53 for my efforts... not bad for a freeroll!!!

Dad's birthday tomorrow so this could be the last day of poker but will post monthly results later on.

Good luck at the tables!

Additional Note:
Just refreshed PT3 stats for the day and was $60 short of a $1k profit day!!!!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

May - Week 3

It was always going to be a tough week to play since I was away with the company one day, my mum's birthday another and a unforeseeable event (women troubles) that caused my friend to call me up for a few drinks. It meant that I only played 4 days and only managed to put in 143 games. My total games for the month is just over 600 so that 1000 game mark will be near enough impossible for me to hit. My highest number of games for a single month was ~540 and I am ahead of that. So each game now is setting a personal record for the month.

Today, I intended on playing my record number of games for the day but that never materialized. After playing 6 hours solid, I managed a total of 45 games. Euro timing is just the worst and all I can do it sit and wait for the games to load up.

The plan for this week is to play as much as possible! I know there will be two days without a single game being played and there is not much I can do to prevent that.

Good luck at the tables!!!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Been There, Done That...

Got the T-Shirt... well it should be arriving soon anyway. If you do not understand then let me explain; FTP have a promotion that when you knock out a Red Pro, not only do you get you buyin back you also get a T-shirt. What they failed to tell you is that when you knock a Pro out you will also take that tourney down. Oh.. I nearly forgot to mention I collected a personal record of 8 bounties for the tourney as well.

In summary $12+1 buyin = $12 for Pro KO + $2*8 bounties + $288 for first place = GG. Easy game? Sometimes!!!

This weekend I managed to play a 175 games which is pretty good for me. Even though the outcome resulted in a small short term dent to my balance, I am not all too worried because I know that it will turn round. I always hope it will be sooner rather then later.

This month I have played a total of 475 games already, my standard 500-600 games should be attainable from here ;-)

New Goal: Minimum of 1k games or be sick trying!!!

That is going to be tough as I already know that I cannot play on at least 5 days but if I can get to about 700 this time next week then I will really have a good crack at it.

Good luck y'all!

Monday, 3 May 2010

$24 $12 $6

I experienced something new today whilst playing poker. In the final three games today which were a $24, $12 and $6 KO tourneys I managed to appear on the final table of each within a matter of minutes of eachother.

My deal making skills failed me in the $24 game which would have made me more then second but slightly less then 1st. I got greedy and the poker gods punished me and made me finish 2nd. It was close as we were both chip leaders at one stage with massive leads only to lose it the next all in.

The $12 dollar was relatively straight forward, I was behind, got it level and didn't look back... NOT. I was behind, then in the lead and then got crippled to 4BB. Guts and determination... basically a few suckouts later and I take the title down.

In the $6 game, I was lying in 3rd and shoved from the SB, I hit 2 pair on the flop but the opponent hit his set on the flop as well. GG.

Railled Bodeye2 in the 15k Super Turbo Knockout where he offered the opponent an even chop with his opponent having a 2:1 chip lead. I personally told the opponent to take the even chop because Bodeye2 is friends with Isildur1 and has some amazing luck box skills to boot. Somehow, Bodeye2's connection with Isilsur1 did not help as he unfortunately came in second. Well played sir. I did have one question, how on earth do you flop a straight and get your opponent to put all their chips in without a single raise?

Good luck y'all

Saturday, 1 May 2010

First $24+2 Win

I have played a number of $24+2 90 man KO tourneys and have gotten very close to taking one down. Today was the day I achieved that feat! See winning hand below:

Let's hope I can win a few more in the coming month.

April Results

Was thinking about having an interesting title but in the end I could not be bothered and the title is more appropriate to what will be said. The month has ended and not in the way I would have liked. I had hoped to have played more games then I did and that is somewhat of a disappointment. Will look to rectify the situation in the month of May.

As you can see it was not all plain sailing. In fact I learnt a lot from this month in terms of dealing with situations when they are not going your way. It's all to easy to get carried away when winning but seems like hard work when you are not.

At work we have something called stretch targets. You get nothing for reaching your main target but get 50% of your total bonus for hitting stretch target 1 and you get 100% of your bonus entitlement if you hit stretch target 2. So here are my goals:

Goal: Play 500 games
Stretch Target 1: Play 625 games
Stretch Target 2 Play 750 games

I have not worked out what kind of reward to give myself for obtaining one of the stretch targets but sure will come up with something later on. Anyway, the month has started so better get playing... well this evening UK time!

Definitely playing in the $215 SCOOP event with 2m guaranteed on 2nd May using a ticket I had won! Let's hope I can go deep and pick up a few dollars!