Saturday, 30 January 2010

WBCOOP Results

I have participated in these WBCOOP events this month and proceeded to spew off all my chips. There always seems to be one aggro donk who thinks shipping 100BB every hands to pick up the blinds from the people sitting out is a good strategy. I unfortunately, lost patience a few times and called with questionable hands and did not get there. Also got unlucky in some spots but nad neat stories are never good to tell.

Results so far...

WBCOOP Event #1 - Finished 1532/1634

WBCOOP Event #2 - Finished 1152/4913

WBCOOP Event #3 - Finished 1747/1843

WBCOOP Event #4 - Finished 1520/1876

WBCOOP Event #5 - Finished 144/1536 earning a $11 SCOOP ticket

Tonight is the 6th Prelim event followed my the ME tomorrow. Hopefully I can pick something up but who knows. To get far in these type of events you need skill as well as luck.

In terms of my grinding, I will have achieved the Bronze Iron Man status for January and looking to retain or improve that over the coming months. To accomplish the lowest level you need to gain 50 FTPs for 20 days but visit the site for more information.

The games this month have been up and down like I have mentioned in previous posts but had probably my best session of the month last night. Only got in 29 games as I had a group session with the coach.

Summary with 2 days to go:
$3 Games played: 414 @ 19.73% ROI (excluding KO bonus)
$6 Games played: 95 @ -5.63% ROI (excluding KO bonus)
Total Summary: 509 @ 11.84% ROI

As you can see not doing so well in the $6 games but not sure why. The standards are exactly the same and the bubble is slightly tighter which plays into my hands. Could be the case of just running bad but will not know until after a review session.

Good luck at the tables!

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