Sunday, 17 January 2010

Poker After Dark

I watched Poker after Dark (Nicknames Week) and was in tears. In fact they were tears from laughter... If you are cleaver and seen the episode then you can read the next extract otherwise skip over.

Oh my god Phil Helmuth I am not an 11 times bracelet winner but everyone knows that in tourney poker that getting anted off is the ultimate NO NO. To be honest, I love watching him play, the rants and blow ups are great entertainment and I think he actually does it for the cameras probably in his PAD contract. The last two episodes were just hilarious with Antonio and Laak just taking the piss out of Helmuth

Well in terms of poker my PT3 graph has more peaks and dips that the Alps. It's up then down then up and then down and up and down... you get the picture. To be honest, I have been a little frustrated that I cannot maintain the upwards momentum for a sustained period but that is just poker and variance. I also think that since I am in the process of learning more and more about the game the adjustments being made are costing me. With anything you learn or so I have found there is always a little dip before things improve. It is just key not to get discouraged; I will be a winning player (getting there) in the long run so these daily short term fluctuations should not matter. There are so many fishes that it's only a matter of time before I am crushing every session. I am working hard every time I play with my concentration up as close to 100% every time.

In terms of emotional training, I have greatly improved and did not have a single outburst of joy or frustration which is great. I am trying my best to be as emotionless as possible but I have to take it day by day session by session. I will have another day off from poker and then back to the grind on Tuesday. Monday is my 5-a-side football night which I have been doing for the last 10 or so years. It's great to get out and do something different to poker. Also, decided to add a few more life goals to achieve:

1) Attend the gym 3/4 times a week
2) Eat more healthy in terms of a daily meal schedule
3) Help the girlfriend around the flat a little more

Poker is very important to me in that i want to make it my main source of income onday or allow me the freedom to work less hours or even get luxury items that I would not buy normally. However, I had a small argument/heart-to-heart with the girlfriend and she expressed that I have become slightly obsessed. I need to pay a little more attention to her and the household stuff. Online poker is always there and will not go away. She is willing to support me in terms of my poker aspirations but told me not to control our lives which is totally true.
Good luck at the tables!

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