Monday, 11 January 2010

An Honest Reflection

I said that in my last post I was going to beat variance. Well, I had a great day putting in around 60 games and a very good ROI to show. However, it’s been a brutal last 7 days (since 5th Jan except Friday) and I cannot seem to get any consistent results.

Honestly speaking I made 4 fish moves on 4 different FT finishing 9, 9, 8, 7 and these have really hurt me. I am not worried about the financial aspect but the actual plays themselves. I know how to play better then what was shown and that is the most disappointing part of all. Getting coolered is one thing but if you make a bad move like shoving AQo against a UTG 4x raise because you think you can push them off a hand holding 30BB is just f**king stupid, I know that, my opponent knows that and my 2 year old nephew knows that. I have never been so annoyed with myself that I wanted to push myself. There is no excuse, bad runs eventually lead to bad plays and I think that my current form reflects that I am in a rut and making a few questionable plays that I would normally not make.

I am taking a day off to just go over a few HH and intend on not playing a single hand. I think the break may do me a good as I am pretty down beat at the moment. When you are scared to raise with AA and KK because you think it will get cracked it is time to take a break. It is still my intention to one day make poker my main source of income so to learn how hard it can be early on is a good thing and will only make me a stronger person for it.

That’s the doom and gloom out the way but I think I have found another poker goldmine. During my lunch break today, I dabbled in a little 10c/20c limit holdem cash game on Stars. Wow, do those guys not know how to play poker. In just 133 hands I was up £3.48 (equivalent to 13BB/hour) and i know that the sample size is small but what a rush compared to my current 90 man grind. It is a limp fest down at these low limits and so people can be exploited a lot more. I will probably play this game on Stars when I cannot grind the 90 mans and post results every month. I think this game will suit my more mathematical brain and hope to step up the levels. If any one reads this and has any advice on the best way to tackle this game then please leave a comment.

Good luck at the tables.

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