Thursday, 4 February 2010

Group Coaching

I had a group coaching session with my day-to-day coach Bodeye2 on Tuesday night. He is a good down to earth person and very talented guy from which I hope to learn as much as possible from. MI_turtle says he will be a phenom in the poker world and after a few coaching session I tend to agree.

This week we reviewed my HH as the guy we were supposed to review was unavailable! Going over the HH, it showed that I have vastly improved. To hear from someone else that I played well is great encouragement. I picked up one thing in particular that I put into practice in last nights session and it worked a charm. There were a few things that I also picked up in my group session with MI_turtle which also helped.

Yesterday was a hectic day for me, I was up at 5:45am to attend the gym for 6:30 completing an 1.5 hour workout. Go to my normal day job for 8:15, travel into the city for a supplier visit, rush home for 6pm, have some dinner, go to a friends pub to serve drinks for 2 hours (to cover a staff meeting) from 7pm til 9pm, watch the 2nd half of Leeds v Spurs, review a HH before the grind. Finish at 1:30am, wake up at 7am for work today!!! Summarised as HECTIC!!!

I have two challenges this month:

1) MI_Turtle has told me that I need to complete at least 500 games. Normally I would not have a problem with this but as it's a shorter month and have a number of social events planned it's going to be tough. MI_Turtle... I will not FAIL!!

2) Within the Bodeye2 camp, we are going to have an internal team challenge where by the winner will get $300 shipped to their account. The parameters of the challenge is that the student that has the best score from the following equation will win: No Games * Ave Buy In * Total Profit. Based on last months results I will not have come even close to winning. This challenge has added to my desire to play/imporve more and I hope to take down my fellow team members.

In last nights session, I had completed 22 games and it was not as smooth sailing as I hoped. It all started off with a number of bad beats being inflicted on me and had a thought that this would not be my day. I remained as focus as ever and made the best possible decision I could in the hands in front. It was not until after the session that I realised that I had a 150% ROI for the day according to PT3 (not including KO bounties). After a quick scan of the results, I managed to bubble on a table where I had the guy dominated but my dreams of a hugh chip stack going into the FT where crushed on the turn.

Going to play tonight... if you do have some spare cash then please look me and my fellow students up and leave it with us we know what to do with it.

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