Friday, 19 February 2010

Funny Story

Started the session in high spirits having watched a Spacegravy video on PVT, reviewed about 20 HH and winning a £3 10 man SnG on Victory Poker. My spirit was definately tested during the session, here is a classic example:

Table 1 - dealt KK
Table 2 - dealt KK
Table 3 - dealt QQ

Within seconds (I estimate 4 seconds) I was crippled in all 3 tables!

Table 1 - KK < AA
Table 2 - KK < AA
Table 3 - QQ < AK

Now the funniest is 3 minutes later I managed to double up a short stack twice in 2 consecutive hands, AJs < 33 and AKo < AQo. Having doubled him up twice h now has more chips then me!!! At the time I was definitely not laughing but never lost emotional control during the session. In fact I plan to have a cold beer after writing this whilst watching Lost.

With 3 tables remaining, I hope to make all 3 final tables and win them... hold on I must have been asleep dreaming. If only I could do what Vertek said in his blog: "I will eat variance and shit $$."

Will definately give that a go next session!!

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