Monday, 15 February 2010

Valentines Day is Over!!!

In my previous blog entry I entilted it "Early Valentines Dinner" without explaing what the hell that meant. In the last few years the girlfriend and I tend to go out before or after the day, one because I am cheap (not really) but I hate the fact that on Valentines day you must order off the set menu. I mean WTF if I don't like anything on the set menu and secondly its that same S**T that you server on normal days but 2x more expensive.

On Friday, we went to our favourite Chinese restaurnat and it never ever disappoints. The same old waiters have been there for years and years. Great food and great service. The place is always jammed pack and it wise to book up early.

Saturday was a day for the 6 Nations Rugby. Wales V Scotland and the big one France v Ireland. Wales rode their luck and won the game needing 10 points with 10 minutes to go. In rugby terms it is had to achive such a feat but they managed to score 17 which was more impressive. I was then supporting Ireland partly due to the fact I was out with 7 Irish lads but we all hate the French too. Ireland go destroyed by the tourney favourites and the day ended in disappointment. The only upside was the beers flowed from 2pm til 1am and it was definately a struggle to wake up.

On Sunday, I woke up fresh as never before especially having consumed a large number of Guiness'. After a spot of breakfast and some food shopping I actually managed time to do some poker related activities. First step was to do a review before the England v Italy rugby game. After the match I reviewed some more for another 30 minutes to re-engage the poker brain and we were off.

Even though I spent 2 whole days with the girlfriend it was a constant reminder that Sunday was indeed Valentines day so only got a small session in. OMG there were a bunch of donkeys playing but it was the day for the donkeys! This week I intend to kick it up a gear and play more... I feel like I have dropped the ball and let everyone surpass me this weekend! Watch out.. I am hungry for $$$!

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