Monday, 8 February 2010

Bad Monday

Well, I normally play 5-a-side football on Mondays so do not get to play poker. Today was an exception where I essentially could not make it so decided to play a few games. With good results from this weekend my spirits were up and felt that I was going to keep the good run going.

Unfortunately, that was not the case and dropped $70 (mix of $3/$6) in the process of 23 games. The difference today from the other days was simple:
1) People decide to trap me with hands like ATo, 33 and 66 even 8h7h (then complained I hit with my 5s6s - lol)
2) Did not run well in the all ins being favorite or not
3) It was simple the day for the fish

I am not bothered or frustrated and its good to keep playing. At the moment the day job is slow and boring. All I want to do is play poker and think constantly about it when I have minute to breathe. The only thing that I was upset about after the session was the fact no berated or abused me for playing like a donkey. That kind of BS is what I live for and am going to try best to keep a record of the funniest insults I receive! For the abuser(s), I am not allowed to respond by writing in the chat box but please know that I find that s**t hilarious!

Currently completed 194 games approximately 2/5 of the way to making 500 games. My intention is to play more so hope to put in a few long session this week. Its been 10 weeks since training with MI_Turtle training scheme and will post a graph showing my results since I started.

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