Sunday, 28 February 2010

February Ends

February is finally over for me and I did hit my goal of playing 500+ games. It's good to have goals that push you and with the shorter month it was a push to get the games in. I was motoring at the start of the month and felt on course to make a large amount of money, however, variance kicked in and claimed back all that I had won. See PT3 graph:

It was mentally tough during the downswing but just have to remain focused and play through it. There is no avoiding variance and the best way to overcome it is to actually play MORE rather then not.

It was definitely running bad in the $6 games that hurt me the most and at the end of the month dropping approximate 35 buyins. If I had stuck to just the $3 games, I would have continued to crush it. Also this month I achieved the Bronze Ironman status for the second month running.

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