Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Two Sick Sick Hands

I played a session today the standard weekday 25 or so games. Came out of the session a loser for the 5th session out of the last 6. Yes, its a bad spell and I am working my way through it!

The main reason for this blog is that I had to sick hands both for different reasons.

Hand 1:

This was all in preflop! I could not believe what I was seeing and then a sudden sickly feeling hit me... how are the poker gods going to make me lose this one!!!! Thank the heavens I held for once but could not complete the win coming in 5th.

The second hand was on the FT:

The UTG+1 insta shoved and the UTG+2 insta shoved over and then it folds to me! These two have been playing fairly aggressive but thought that one of them should have a monster and folded. If I had called I would have been up against AKo and QQ in that order.

So managed a few final tables but just not getting the top 3 places but more importantly not winning hence the losing sessions. I write this as a note to myself and others... stay focused, play the best you can and the results will come through the volume of games.

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