Sunday, 21 February 2010

3 Months Complete

Today is exactly 3 months since starting the Rainman training programme. This was undoubted the best poker decision I have made and is definitely +ev. I would like to thank MI_Turtle (Nick Rainey) for allowing me to be part of this amazing adventure, secondly to SluttySara69 and Bodeye who have guided me on a day to day basis.

I have made more money in poker these last 3 months then I made the whole of last year. The months have not be plain sailing and there were periods where things were not going right for me. I was always encouraged and told not to worry about the money but to focus on making the best decisions possible.

Other important lessons such as remaining emotionless whether you win or lose, get sucked out on for big pots or win big pots. Also, to try remaining still at all times whilst playing... at one stage my girlfriend thought I fell asleep whilst playing... only to hear beep beep followed by click!

My Full Tilt Poker graph (entire history) from Sharkscope:

As you can see there was an initial dip (where the A is) as I started to learn the various pointers that I was getting. Then it is all uphill with the odd dips to remind me that it’s all about long term results and that I still have a lot to learn. In general, I am not setting the poker world alight but people just need to be aware that I am always improving thanks to the Rainman training scheme. If you wonder if the system is worth it then just look at the graph and think that there are some students in the scheme who are crushing it at least twice as much if not more.

Just to let you know that as I mentioned in my last post: "I did eat variance and shit $$"

Today was a good day! LOL


  1. Looks like you're doing great! keep up the good work!

  2. Hey

    I have just found your blog and it's pretty nice. I was just wondering how you managed to become involved with the Rainman programme if you are UK based (I am too)?



  3. You say your a 'project manager' are you form the UK? as thats my job title aswell, do you also work in direct mail?

    Also I'm hoping to get into rainmanpoker, I'm on the list so far, heres hoping I can follow in your footsteps.

    Email me or private message,

    Nice reading your blog mate.


  4. Hi

    Skinwalker - thanks for the comments it's much appreciated

    sitdownmich - I am Uk based (in London). Was a memeber a PokerVT when I started speaking to Nick and tried many times to get coaching from him. He obviously cracked... eventually. See section to the right of blog on how to apply.

    Leedsjay - I work for a retail company specialising in deliving website projects.