Thursday, 25 February 2010

My HUD Not Working

My HUD has not been working since Saturday when my pc decided to install a bunch of windows updates. Now I do not know if this is the cause but I suspect it is. iI need help to get it back because i feel like I am playing blind. There are some crucial stats that I used to make more informed decisions..

I am close to the 500 mark and will probably achieve that in tomorrows session. This month has been tough mentally and the end of month graph will show why. I am just plugging away putting in as much volume as possible. I know the game it there and improving but just need to win my share of coin flips.

On a positive note, I did get abused twice today which always pleases me. I had my longest HU battle and came up on top. It lasted at least 30-40 hands as we were fairly deep which is unusual at these games. Also, he was a reg and we had a back and forth match, in the end it was an coin flip where I was favorite to take it down. Before reaching heads up, I managed to KO the 4th place finisher with 94o against their 99, followed by A3 > AK.

Going to see how to fix this HUD on the PokerVT forums to start and then branch out. So until next time... please denote yout money to ketan7581 on FTP.

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