Wednesday, 3 March 2010

New Gadget

Today, I received my new gadget that I ordered more than a week ago. I refused to pay the extra delivery because it was like the rake in poker and I was not part of a rakeback scheme. In all honestly, the express charge was at least 20% of the actual cost of my goods. Enough of the babbling, I basically bought a Logitec diNovo Media Desktop Laser set for the PC. It has an ultra slim line keyboard, wireless mouse and a detached number pad! Poker has just got a little more easier if I do say so.

It was my first session of the month and as first sessions go it turned out to be okay. Only squeezed in around 25 games but felt I was playing well and got unlucky in some crucial spots. I have not spoken to coaches about goal setting but will stick to the minimum 500 games this month. My intention is to hopefully blend a higher percentage of the $6 games in the mix then previously.

Unfortunately, I have a bunch of social activities that will affect my poker playing schedule this month and that is why I intend on playing between 150-200 games this weekend starting with 100 this Friday! This will put me in good stead to achieve the minimum 500 as one weekend I am completely away for a Stag Party, and another weekend I am away at some relations.

When I joined the Rainman program I promised that I would play as much as possible and so if I need to reduce the number of ours of sleep this weekend then so be it. To succeed in this game, you need to understand you know sh*t about poker, take instruction well and more importantly put in as much volume as you possibly can.

Need to go to bed so I can wake up 6 hours later for the gym! Bodeye2 this is visit number 3 this week - pressure is on!

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