Sunday, 23 May 2010

May - Week 3

It was always going to be a tough week to play since I was away with the company one day, my mum's birthday another and a unforeseeable event (women troubles) that caused my friend to call me up for a few drinks. It meant that I only played 4 days and only managed to put in 143 games. My total games for the month is just over 600 so that 1000 game mark will be near enough impossible for me to hit. My highest number of games for a single month was ~540 and I am ahead of that. So each game now is setting a personal record for the month.

Today, I intended on playing my record number of games for the day but that never materialized. After playing 6 hours solid, I managed a total of 45 games. Euro timing is just the worst and all I can do it sit and wait for the games to load up.

The plan for this week is to play as much as possible! I know there will be two days without a single game being played and there is not much I can do to prevent that.

Good luck at the tables!!!

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  1. Keep you head up Ketan. Not much you can do about time zones :)