Monday, 3 May 2010

$24 $12 $6

I experienced something new today whilst playing poker. In the final three games today which were a $24, $12 and $6 KO tourneys I managed to appear on the final table of each within a matter of minutes of eachother.

My deal making skills failed me in the $24 game which would have made me more then second but slightly less then 1st. I got greedy and the poker gods punished me and made me finish 2nd. It was close as we were both chip leaders at one stage with massive leads only to lose it the next all in.

The $12 dollar was relatively straight forward, I was behind, got it level and didn't look back... NOT. I was behind, then in the lead and then got crippled to 4BB. Guts and determination... basically a few suckouts later and I take the title down.

In the $6 game, I was lying in 3rd and shoved from the SB, I hit 2 pair on the flop but the opponent hit his set on the flop as well. GG.

Railled Bodeye2 in the 15k Super Turbo Knockout where he offered the opponent an even chop with his opponent having a 2:1 chip lead. I personally told the opponent to take the even chop because Bodeye2 is friends with Isildur1 and has some amazing luck box skills to boot. Somehow, Bodeye2's connection with Isilsur1 did not help as he unfortunately came in second. Well played sir. I did have one question, how on earth do you flop a straight and get your opponent to put all their chips in without a single raise?

Good luck y'all