Saturday, 29 May 2010

45 Man Victory

Today I managed to WIN.. that is correct I won a $26 45 man. I have had a number of close calls but after 50 attempts the poker gods accepted that my efforts were to be rewarded.

Once we got HU, after only a few hands I felt that I was going to win. I also realized my great HU game (I am being sarcastic) was no match for his. It was easy enough to grind him down and then the following happened:

I mis-clicked by hitting the call button rather then shoving all in. Flop comes JJ6ss, he checks, I bet, he shoves (if he has a J then gg), I snap call, I see a naked flush draw and I close my eyes. When I open my eyes the following was being displayed:

Last night, I managed to win a $26 ticket using only 50 FTP points. I entered the early 19K guaranteed and was playing well. Was building a nice stack when I ran a set of 7's against a set of 8's. From there on it was survival mode and looking for shove spots. The final hand was me UTG shoving 11BB with KK, table chipleader snap calls from the BB with 88. It was game over when an 8 hit the river but managed to win $53 for my efforts... not bad for a freeroll!!!

Dad's birthday tomorrow so this could be the last day of poker but will post monthly results later on.

Good luck at the tables!

Additional Note:
Just refreshed PT3 stats for the day and was $60 short of a $1k profit day!!!!

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