Saturday, 1 May 2010

April Results

Was thinking about having an interesting title but in the end I could not be bothered and the title is more appropriate to what will be said. The month has ended and not in the way I would have liked. I had hoped to have played more games then I did and that is somewhat of a disappointment. Will look to rectify the situation in the month of May.

As you can see it was not all plain sailing. In fact I learnt a lot from this month in terms of dealing with situations when they are not going your way. It's all to easy to get carried away when winning but seems like hard work when you are not.

At work we have something called stretch targets. You get nothing for reaching your main target but get 50% of your total bonus for hitting stretch target 1 and you get 100% of your bonus entitlement if you hit stretch target 2. So here are my goals:

Goal: Play 500 games
Stretch Target 1: Play 625 games
Stretch Target 2 Play 750 games

I have not worked out what kind of reward to give myself for obtaining one of the stretch targets but sure will come up with something later on. Anyway, the month has started so better get playing... well this evening UK time!

Definitely playing in the $215 SCOOP event with 2m guaranteed on 2nd May using a ticket I had won! Let's hope I can go deep and pick up a few dollars!

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