Monday, 31 May 2010

May Results

It's that time again where my results are reported upon and providing you with my analysis. Let's get too it...

The Graph:

The Breakdown:
$6 KO - 155 games
$12 KO - 337 games
$24 KO - 185 games
$48 KO - 2 games
$24 (45) - 50 games

The Analysis:
I played the most amount of games for me then any previous month which was a major achievement. Also, managed to win a 45 man for the first time and hopefully one of many to come. The month could have gone better if I just ran a little better in the 12's where I lost approximately 120 buyins. Having looked at HH's there was not much wrong in how I played them and it certainly was not different to the way I approached the 6's and 24's where I made all the profit for the month.

The Conclusion:
I intend on playing a whole load more in June and hope to have played at least 1000 games if not more within the first two weeks.

The next post will be from a different country and in the presence of the Gordon Ramsey of Poker himself!! I am more excited the a 16 year old girl at her sweet 16 birthday party to see the Rainman, Mr Hill and The Swedish boy Genius Bodeye. I just hope the 11-12 hour flight does not kill me first!

Good luck at the tables!

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  1. The Ramsey of poker, ha. I picture you going on a show like Hells Kitchen or Kitchen Nightmares but the poker versions. Enjoy yourself and good luck.