Sunday, 16 May 2010

Been There, Done That...

Got the T-Shirt... well it should be arriving soon anyway. If you do not understand then let me explain; FTP have a promotion that when you knock out a Red Pro, not only do you get you buyin back you also get a T-shirt. What they failed to tell you is that when you knock a Pro out you will also take that tourney down. Oh.. I nearly forgot to mention I collected a personal record of 8 bounties for the tourney as well.

In summary $12+1 buyin = $12 for Pro KO + $2*8 bounties + $288 for first place = GG. Easy game? Sometimes!!!

This weekend I managed to play a 175 games which is pretty good for me. Even though the outcome resulted in a small short term dent to my balance, I am not all too worried because I know that it will turn round. I always hope it will be sooner rather then later.

This month I have played a total of 475 games already, my standard 500-600 games should be attainable from here ;-)

New Goal: Minimum of 1k games or be sick trying!!!

That is going to be tough as I already know that I cannot play on at least 5 days but if I can get to about 700 this time next week then I will really have a good crack at it.

Good luck y'all!

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