Sunday, 1 August 2010

Summary of July

Well the month ended and I for one am thankful in terms of poker. It was one of the worst months I have had. It was my first losing month since I started playing the 90 mans back in November. A lot has to do with variance and some to do with a few bad plays.

Only having played 502 games is pretty disappointing but I have a valid excuse... I think. In the last week of the month I had to re-build the PC which took longer then expected and anyone who knows about having to rebuild PCs knows its a ball ache. Importing all my 90 man HH files took the longest and I found a flaw in the PT3 Import which I must remember to inform them about.

Here is the Sharkscope stats for the month:

Line 1 - 45 mans only
Line 2 - $12 90 mans
Line 3 - $24 90 mans
Line 4 - $6 90 mans
Line 5 - 90 man summary for the month
Line 6 - Total monthly summary

As you can see I did terrible in the 45 mans and have done so since starting to mix them into my sessions. It has led me to take the decision to stop playing them until I have done a little more studying/reading/analysis the game so that am comfortable with the adjustments I need to make.

The $24 90 mans also did not treat me well and these are the money earners for me. When you struggle with them they will decided whether you have a good month or not. What I am happy about is that that I crushed the $6 games for 120% roi and even with the bad side of variance this month is nice to see a little positive. I remember in the last session I had that a regular who is getting coached by a top 90 man player called me a luckbox... when a reg complains about you it's just a little more satisfying when the random donkey's do because they should know better.

August has now begun and hopefully I can turn this bad variance around and to do that is to play more. My day job will be full of stress for the next two months where the company is making a major change that will be visible to all soon enough, but this will make poker playing a little more difficult for me. I want to say I will play 1000 games but I know that is near impossible but I hope the 600+ is a fair target.

Good luck all and send some run good my way!!!

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