Sunday, 11 July 2010

Just a Break Even Spell

Just a quick update as I definitely not instilled fear in my opponents in the 90 mans. Played around 240 games and down just $40. Hopefully working with Bodeye over a few HH files will improve my game.

I feel that Saturday nights are a little hit and miss when it comes to games loading quickly. This Saturday was one of those days where only 1 person was registering a minute. This is just frustrating and so decided not to start up a session plus there was the 3rd place decider World Cup game between Germany and Paraguay.

It then dawned on me that I would have a free month of Cardrunners through the Truely Free Poker Training Scheme which is definitely worth signing up for. I logged in and looked for MTT SnG but there is very little so I then looked at low stake cash games. I stumbled upon a series called Crush Low Stakes (10nl and 25nl) Cash Games by Vaneer. This gave me the urge to try out a little cash and played 350 hands single tabling 5c/10c on Pokerstars. I learned a little about 3 betting which I get little oppotunity to do in the 90 mans except the good old 3 bet shove! It was also good for hand reading practice as I was trying to guess what people had even in the hands I was not involved. A little bonus was that I carved out $26 profit - not bad for practicing.

Next week, I will look to put in more games as I think 700+ games is reachable but need to put in the work. Look to get out of the break even patch as I have been focused and playing well just not getting the rub of the green. Think people may need to avoid me as I feel a rush it about to start soon!!!

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