Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Cruising in Neutral

I am 230+ games into the month and I am stuck at break even. You could say that the frustration is starting to build up a little. Winning huge one day and losing the next two giving back what you won is just damn annoying. Let's take Tuesday, played as focused as ever, making only but a few mistakes, looked like it would be a losing day but managed to end the day with a 94% roi for 35 games. Wednesday, played as focused as the day before, did not win a flip when ahead or behind, and dropped a lot of what I won the day before in 25 games! AAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH.

Ok now that I have vented publicly I feel better... NOT! It's poker and variance; I am doing my best in dealing with the situation I am in. Focus focus focus. So far I have not tilted yet which is probably a little encouragement. All I now need to do is hit the gym hard and take my frustrations out on the punching bag or run myself into the ground.. or hit my boss at work. I prefer option 3 but may have to be satisfied with Options 1 and 2!

Cleared my 6 month Iron man bonus. Always good to get free money so all donations are welcome: ketan7581 at Full Tilt Poker. I may not transmit you automatic run good but it will increase my bankroll. Remember no donation is small.

I am no longer one of Nick Rainey's horses. We agreed that it was good to part ways and try and go it a lone (hence I am hitting up for donations) a while back (start of the downswing.. any surprise there?). Whatever anyone's opinions are of Nick (with the recent situation), he treated me well, gave me a great opportunity and between him, Bodeye and Aaron they taught me a great deal and made me into the player I am today. To give you an understanding of Nick generosity; even though I have "left the stable" he has offered to go over a hand history from time to time an offer I will definitely take him up on. I would publicly like to thank Nick for what he has done for me, will gladly meet you for a beer at the WSOPE and good luck conquering the Pokerstars TLB race. Also thanks to Bodeye, I consider you a Swedish genius, a good friend, are you sure you are not Isildur1?

Ship me some run good... one time!


  1. LOL, great post Ketan, will all come around, it always does!

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