Saturday, 3 July 2010

June Results

The highlight of June was visiting Nick, Aaron and Bodeye in Vegas for two weeks which I blogged about previously. June has yielded the most amount of volume in a single month. Although I did not make as much profit as I liked it was still a very successful month.

My game improved while out in Vegas and I continued to play well on my return. Unfortunately, the number of games since my return has been small but then England were in the World Cup for a little while which disrupted my schedule. See Sharkscope results below for the month:

One of my favourite sporting events has started today and it probably one of the hardest to compete in... the Tour de France. Anyone who is in the event is a sick sick dude. It is 3 weeks of pure torture not to dis-similar to the Rainman Poker House! LOL

The goal for the month is simple... play as many games as possible so lets strive for 800!!!

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