Sunday, 11 April 2010

Tough Weekend

I put in some volume this weekend.. by my standards anyway completing 102 games. Unfortunately, unlike my previous post I cannot say that the players that faced me will be too afraid. In fact they are probably hoping that I do play since my luck was non existent to be totally frank.

It was definitely, mentally tough trying to break out of the rut I was in and as Nick told me... 1 win erases a lot of the tough times after winning my final game of the day. Indeed it does and although I was not moaning/whinging it was just a little tougher to handle this time playing the 12's. If the same thing happened and it did in the 3's and 6's I immediately brushed it off knowing that I would recover by putting in the games as quickly as possible. I think the money (lost) played a little part in my emotional turmoil but now I have experienced that it wont happen again.

Need to go and watch the Masters, hopefully Westwood can hold on for the W!!

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