Thursday, 8 April 2010

Back with a Bang

Yesterday I started with a great deal of enthusiasm and get the month off to a good start since my holiday. I felt good and played the best I could even with two short Internet outages (very annoying). During the session I did feel like I was getting unlucky in those big pots. After single tabling my last table I managed to get to the FT HU and managed to grind the opponent down to 5BB twice but eventually lost which was a major disappointment having felt that no mistakes were made.

So slightly deflated I opened up my PT3 and refreshed the results for the day and BOOM - I had a 104% roi for the 32 games! I was no longer feeling as upset but still frustrated that I came second. Will be reviewing a few of the deep runs tonight before playing to get the correct mindset.

Updates from the holiday... Drank too much beer and Vodka, eat too much (pretty unhealthy), didn't sleep well but had great fun. No poker was a disappointment but manged a few JCarver vids on PVT. Also read "Deal Me In" - conclusion is everyone goes broke, have the discipline/determination to build back and David "Devilfish" Ulliott is one crazy MoFo!!!

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