Tuesday, 20 April 2010

One Penny = 2K

The title of this blog is obscure but don't worry I will explain in full and am sure it will be an enjoyable read (I hope). Everyone who knows poker will inform Joe Public that poker is a game of skill. That in the long run the people with the skill will do better than your random Joe Bloggs. In fact, I subscribe to this fact whole heartedly. However, there is a small factor in which randomness comes into play that we cannot control and this is where some luck is required.

When you are in a rut, downswing, in amongst variance, whatever you want to call it.. you generally think that you have no luck. This is not the case for a lot of people but those who require and in need of some luck then there is a simple cure.

There were rumors circling that donating a few dollars to Nick "MI_turle" Rainey was the way to change luck. I always thought it was a load of hype, maybe some arse licking to get onto his coaching progamme, to maybe get in his good books or just pure idolization.

Now when I hit my rough patch, I spent more time reviewing and playing then ever before and still the results did not change. So I decided that I am usually game to try anything once as long as it's ethical so why not donate some money to the Turtle. I decided I would test the theory out and I donated a single penny to his Stars account, yes that is correct, I donated $0.01 to the Turtle and boom I win 2K straight (relatively) in about 140 games. Can anyone say HEATER???

You want proof - just look at the graph below for the month so far!!!

You can read and see other who have come to the notion that a few pennies sent towards the Turtle is definitely +EV. Read about it here.

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