Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Exciting Times

The title of my blog can mean a lot of things to different people. As a Project Manager, exciting times generally means that the project is about to go live. I had two such successes at the tail end of last year both of which were high profile in the company I work for. Considering I was only a project manager for less then 6 months just proves that I will get the job done... and SUCCESSFULLY.

The reason for the excitement today is that I was told I can move up stakes. Yes, from now on I will be focusing mainly on the $6 KO tourneys with a mix of the $12's when they load. I can say that the $3 games were good to me and that the regs playing them will be happy to see the back of me. The regs at the $6 got to know a little about me but they had better watch out cause I will be mixing it up with them more regularly and crushing their souls. As for the $12 regs - enjoy them while you can... your time will come... it's not a matter of if but a matter of when!!!

As for one of my yearly goals, I stated I wanted to be playing the $12s and expected to get there round the June/July mark. It's unbelievable to me when I started this journey that this could be achieved only 5 months into the training. Once again thanks to Nick and Bodeye for all their help in moulding me into the payer I am and know there is a lot to learn - I will try to work as hard as possible and repay you for you time and effort.

Let the next level of crushing begin!!!


  1. WP!

    Are you able you give me any advice regarding how I can get rainman to eventually accept me for coaching? What kind of goals should I set to get to a good enough standard to be considered? Is he mainly interested in people who can demonstrate volume and consistency + some ability?

    After playing cash for a year I started playing the $1 45s on stars this month and a few £2 180s. As you advised I sent him an email but got no reply - given that I just started I'm not surprised. I expect I need to get a lot more experience. Any advice you think you can give me would be appreciated. Thanks

  2. Hi Havin a laff

    I believe Nick gets a lot of emails regarding training so it take a while to get through them all. He does want students to be able to put in the time and effort and not so much results.

    A new bunch of guys started at the start of this month so not sure when he will be taking more.

    Good luck

  3. Project $52 starting now and hopefully only thing your managing this time next year is all the money your winning from the fish.