Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Lost without Poker

There is something that has been missing recently and looking at the blog title you can tell that it's poker. I have not been able to play due to my Dell pc having a fault. The hard drive has blown and waiting from an engineer to come to replace it. This put me on inst fire tilt as its only a month old!

It's funny because I thought that I could get by without playing for a few days. However, that has not been the case, I am just itching to grind those 90 mans. It's probably the fact that I can't that makes me want to play more. I think that if you are told you can't do something then you instictively want to do it more. So what have I done to fill the void of not playing... well... I have been watching the PAD Cash Game and Poker VT videos. There is a PearlJammer series where he takes down the 500 on Stars. It's ridiculously long so has definately kept me occupied but it's never the same as playing.

I am now facing up to the fact that I have to go through the pains of re-installing the likes of HEM, FT Ninja, poker clients and so on. Also the added pain of importing my 90 man HH since Nov 2009 because I did not get round to backing up the database before the crash! To those that are reading this... I suggest you back up that database right now.

The engineer is due in today so hopefully I can muster a few games. If you are wondering how on earth I am typing a blog without a pc... I am using my work laptop which I refuse to install poker clients since I may get fired but even worse I may actually be tempted to play during office hours!!!

Good luck at the tables!


  1. Hello Ketan,

    I am sorry to know your hard drive crashed. If your issue is not resolved in a timely manner please reach me on twitter @NiranjanAtDell.
    I will be glad to help.


  2. you're right, preparing for a back-up should ready always.