Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Jan 2011 Recap

Wow, this month has gone faster then I had expected. There were a couple of nice things that happened this month in relation to poker which I will detail.

The first is that I managed to win my little prop bet. It was not all plain sailing as I went on a small downswing and my closest rival went on a small heater. This all made it too close for comfort with around 50 games to go. It looked like I needed to 2-3 wins for me to get a head. Somehow, I pulled it out of the bag; winning the bet with a win in the final 3 games. I am not a type of person to gloat and make fun when I win bets so I will not further mention it. Also, 500 games is a small sample and therefore who ever runs hot over that period will win in general.

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What started to bug me a little was getting crushed in the $6 games which I always excel in generally. It was only a little annoying since I was crushing the $12.. thank god!

Secondly, having played enough to qualify for Iron man status (generally Bronze or Silver)for the last 6 months I had a small bonus to clear which is a nice addition to the bankroll. I am all in favour of getting free money! Something that JRB needs at the moment!!!

Only played a round 16 mtts which was covered by the Ironman bonus so overall a good month for a part timer like myself. Still disappointed I did not make 600+ games and it will be even tougher in the month of Feb so 500+ is the aim.

Thats all for now!

Good luck at the tables!

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