Sunday, 3 October 2010

September Summary

This was another month of disappointment.. in some ways I should be happy and in others I should be not. Let's just start with the positives, I started playing much better at the end of the month and regained the confidence when I was killing the games. Another positive is that I did not go broke and broke even for the month in sngs where I looked like I was going to lose a ton. I took a few shots at some MTT's and although I did not cash I did not feel uncomfortable/out of place.

So the negatives, I only played 376 games and even though I went on holiday and computer issues, I should have played more. If my aim was to quit my job one day to play this game then I had better learn to start killing the games again and putting in the volume. Variance maybe, bad play possibly, loss confidence definitely. Not sure why I lost confidence but I have it back and playing the best I can. The result so far are not reflecting that at the moment but the month has only started.

Goal: Play 600+ games NO EXCUSES!

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