Friday, 17 September 2010

Mental Weakness

I have been playing a few games this week and the daily losses are taking its toll mentally. I only play around 20-30 a day so it could be variance. However, for today's session I was mentally weak. Having established a number of large stacks, I did not take down a single table. I did suffer some horrendous beats and then I think my game fell apart slowly. To stop the bleeding and frustration I decided to stop even though my goal was to play 50+ at the start of the session. You should always know when to stop and that for most people is when they are not 100%. My goal is to put in a 1005 every time I play and today it just was not there.

Having finished playing for an hour now my mind keeps me thinking about the possibilities if the poker gods had looked after me a little. I was happy getting called by lesser holdings and having people dominated proving I was playing well. After losing a number of crucial pots when ahead with 11-14 left does not normally take the wind out of my sails but today it did. Hence I was mentally weak today.

A few months ago, I was crushing the games and was cruising along with out a care in the world. At the moment in a few spots I am second guessing what I am doing, is it the right play, am I making a mistake, please god do not make me play like a girl and so on. Not a good place to be mentally. So I reminded myself of what a friend told me: you are a great player just gotta believe it and make it happen! When a great poker player says stuff like that to you it can only boost your confidence so I thank you Nick once again!

Good luck y'all!!!


  1. Sounds like you're losing momentum due to being inside of your own head. Get out of there. I go thru that exact thing after I've won lots of games on sick streaks. Don't over-think the winning. Don't believe your own hype. Don't over-analyze. Just play your game in your own rhythm.

    Chris Helms

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