Monday, 7 June 2010

Constructive Criticism

I have played poker for the last 4 days straight putting in some decent volume. It's all about the volume at the RainmanPoker house.

Friday - 67 games
Saturday - 72 games
Sunday - 113 games
Monday - 82 games

So in the last 5 days I have played 400 games which is nearly 75% of my normal monthly volume. I have decided to play all my games in a single session but for those who feel daunted by a 9 hour session then breaking it up in 2 mini sessions is acceptable.

I am absolutely loving it here, my schedule is wake up, get showered and clothed, eat breakfast, review a few hands then get grinding, eat dinner after the grind and chill out in the evening. Repeat! It seems like a military regime but I have been set a target of 500 games in a single week so getting into a schedule will only help me to achieve that.

This morning started out in the same manner except that I went over a HH with Nick. It was clear that I was missing great opportunities to accumulate chips and to be aggressive. It was also an area where I "thought" was one of my better parts of my game. Shows what I know about poker... yeah that's right very little. After being called a pussy and a girl and being told to get some balls more times then the actual number of hands we reviewed, it was clear... I need to stop playing like a pussy scared girl with no balls. SIMPLE - why didn't I think of that.

So it comes to no surprise (to me anyway) that with Nick's words constantly ringing in my head as I am played my 82 game session that it was my most profitable day ever. I hit my first ever 4 figure day which is nice but since I usually earn just over $2 a game on average you could say I ran over expectation for the day. In fact WAY OVER expectation... must be nice.

That's all for now so good luck at the tables.


  1. hi ketan
    great blog, just finished reading it all(at work)
    funny to see how we have many of the same thoughts.. about putting in the hard work to improve and constantly thinking about grinding.. but after this you made up my mind about def. getting some coaching.

    keep up the god work and gl (personaNgrta on fulltilt)

  2. Very nice, Sir. Keep it up!!!

  3. good work sir cant wait till I can get out there.

  4. Good work sir. Can I be in a 90-man study group with you?

  5. Great blog, great work...its really inspirational.
    Btw I sent a mail to Nick yesterday with small Bio and introduction..Can u check he got it.. My names is Tim hughes

  6. Yeungan1 - unfortunately between my real job and grinding there is not much time left to be in a study group but will keep it in mind should an opportunity arises

    Tim Hughes - I am not in the house anymore but will skype Aaron although they tend to respond to everyone eventually. They are quite busy at the mo.

  7. hey Dude, plz could you contact me on skype at you earlist conveniance ( timhughes3 ). I would like some advice on what to expect to see in a staking/coaching contract.

    Many Thnx in advance Tim Hughes